Terrifying Footage Of Cars Escaping Fort McMurray Fires Looks Like How I Imagine The Nuclear Holocaust

There’s currently a State of Emergency declared in Fort McMurray right now due to forest fires that have raged out of control. I’ve seen pretty jarring footage of hellacious wildfires in the past but I’ve never seen anything like this. The clip above looks like some cross between how I imagine the nuclear holocaust aftermath to look like and that scene from Seth Rogen and James Franco’s This Is The End right after the apocalypse takes place and Los Angeles falls to pieces.

This is some truly scary shit and my thoughts are with anyone in Canada right now being affected by the fires. I’m having trouble even fathoming that regular citizens up in Canada are being forced to flee their homes right now because of this:

As of today over 88,000 people have been forced to flee Fort McMurray, a city in Canada’s oil region, and the blazing fires are nowhere close to being contained. According to Reuters, Fort McMurray’s actually right in the heartland of where Canadian oil production takes place and ‘at least 640,000 barrels per day of crude output is offline’ while firefighters try to get this hellacious blaze under wraps.

For those of you wondering why this isn’t all over your TV right now it’s because Fort McMurray is in Alberta, Canada and the mainstream media’s still too busy covering stateside politics. I’m sure this footage will hit the mainstream soon enough though…Or not.

(h/t ViralHog YouTube)