Watch This Frat Dude Unload A Vicious Sucker Punch On A Rushee In Super Slow Motion

by 4 years ago

Just from that quick glimpse of the dude who threw the unprompted haymaker, we all know the kind of kid he is.

He’s that dude who wasn’t really invited to your beach weekend, but your spineless friend didn’t have the stones to tell him no. He has the personality of a dead turtle so he has to resort to wearing a gimmicky USA top hat for anyone to recognize his existence. He can’t swim. He walks around all day salty as fuck because he has the complexion of an albino polar bear and a handful of UV rays does more damage to his face than any spaghetti-armed haymaker he could throw at someone else’s. He hasn’t paid for beer the entire weekend and no one calls him out for it because they’d rather spend a few extra bucks than listen to his nasaly, insufferable voice mutter a word. He is a literal vagina-repellent when you’re trying to establish your presence at the bar. He’s the worst, man. The worst.

So if I had to live in that dude’s transparent skin, I’d probably throw cheap shots at dudes involved in a seemingly tame situation. I’d wonder where he learned to swim and why his skin has so much pigment, and I’d get so envious I’d  just unload the kitchen sink on his eye socket.

Orrrrr he’s a really nice kid with a really patriotic hat punching a dude who hasn’t paid for beer and can’t swim. In which case, helluva left hook bro. Let’s grab a beer sometime. On me.

[h/t TFM]