Missouri Politician In Trouble For Tweeting Picture Of Sorority Girls’ ‘Very Nice Butts’

Apparently if you are a 69-year-old politician tweeting about sorority girls butts is frowned upon, even if you are being complimentary. Who knew?!

This is a lesson a Frederick Berry, President of the Columbia Pachyderm Club has now learned the hard way. But he’s not backing down from his statement. He might be backtracking, but backing down? No sir!

Here’s the tweet (and photo) in question…


You will note that this was dated four days ago, so you know he truly DGAF what people think. And people in his neck of the woods have apparently been thinking about it A LOT.

Oh, in case you somehow weren’t aware, “VNB” stands for “very nice butts.” Older dude knows his lingo.

Here’s why he isn’t backing down, according to the Columbia Daily Tribune

On Saturday morning, Berry said, he and a woman in his group began discussing the sorority members.

“She said, ‘All those girls are wearing these nice sleek pants, but I think in our day we were in better shape,’ ” Berry said. “I said, ‘No, we weren’t. You can tell by the way they are walking. You can see all the muscles there.’”

“VNB” was a comment “on their obvious athletic build,” Berry said.

Got it? No harm intended.

The ladies of Delta Gamma still aren’t buying it…

So what do you think? Did Mr. Berry do anything wrong? I mean other than being kind of a pervy old man. Oh, yeah, I guess that about covers it doesn’t it. Never mind.

H/T The Daily Dot, KOMU; Butt image by Shutterstock