Smell The Freedom: Guy Cooks Bacon With M16 Assault Rifle

Fuck this looks like the best time ever. Firing off hot rounds of freedom and then once you’re done shooting off your load you get rewarded with some freshly cooked bacon. Plus it drains all the liquid fat so your finished swine isn’t so greasy. Perfect! explains the out of the ordinary, but extraordinary culinary technique described as a Second Amendment Bacon Cooker:

While on a special hog hunt this past weekend with a legally registered and valuable pre-86 M16 lower and a few suppressors we decided to see if we could cook up some bacon on a hot silencer. Turns out 90 rounds a a few minutes cooks up some delicious goodness with just a few special 2A mags. Yes, suppressors get quite hot!

The only way this could get any more ‘Murican is if the gunslinger was 500 lbs with an American Eagle propped on his shoulder and did this cooking demonstration from the parking lot of a Walmart.