This Is What Freedom Looks Like From One World Trade’s Newly Opened 102nd Floor Observatory

by 4 years ago

The views are nothing short of spectacular from One World Trade Center’s newly opened observation deck, sitting atop 102 floors of freedom defining the Manhattan skyline, standing with the utmost resolve on the former site of the Twin Towers as a metaphorical beacon of hope, liberty and prosperity for the good ‘ol U-S of A.

Opened Friday, One World Trade’s observatory offers visitors sprawling, unabated 360-degree views of the Big Apple, which easily rival those found in any other metropolis on earth.

If you’re in New York City from this day forward, there’s certainly not a better thing to spend $32.00 on – the admission fee that grants the privilege of taking the roughly 40-second elevator ride that shoots visitors swiftly up the appropriately standing 1,776 feet of the Freedom Tower.

At the top, on the clearest of days, visibility is close to 50 miles, spanning well over the entirety of Manhattan to the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

Uptown Manhattan sprawls gloriously from One World Trade’s vantage.

And of course, you could easily spend an entire day trying to pick out any one of NYC’s innumerable landmarks, well over a thousand feet beneath your own.

In total, the observatory encompasses the 100th, 101st and 102nd floor – a triumphant testament to a nation united under the most tragic of circumstances – the apex of a symbolic steeple of freedom and acceptance, just as Lady Liberty standing in the New York Harbor was for those arriving to Ellis Island so many years ago.

One World Trade’s observatory will surely see its fair share of marvelous sunrises over New York City.

One World Trade Center's Observatory Tower Opens To Public

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But, unfortunately, tours currently run from 9:00AM until 11:15PM. So unless you find a way to get this guy’s job (killer office, not gonna lie)…

…you’re going to have to settle for sunsets instead.

One World Observatory is open seven days a week, and you can score tickets in advance if you’re planning to go marvel at the astounding, freedom-boasting views.