There Was A Frozen Hair Competition In Canada And The Pictures Are Insane

Canadians from the Yukon Territory joined together at a hot springs for a frozen hair competition where contestants froze their body and head hair in attempt at having the best frozen hair style in Canada. Why? Winter.

Winter, and because there’s nothing exciting to do in Canada during Winter (aside from Whistler). But mostly because of Winter.

The Takhini Hot Pools are a natural hot springs located in the Yukon Territory up in the Great White North. If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to behold the natural beauty of the Yukon Territory you’d know that there’s not a whole lot going on up there in terms of ‘activities’, so the locals make due with what they’ve got. And what they’ve got right now is a winter with never ending subzero temperatures, and a lot of hair to lock in that body warmth.

Here’s some highlights from the competition:

Some footage of the winners:

I get that Winter can play some weird tricks on your mind. Being holed up in your log cabin and surrounded by nothing but snow can drive anyone insane. But what happens when you touch your head during this frozen hair competition and it all breaks off? Because that’s exactly what would happen over time. Your hair would snap off after being frozen, and you’d be hairless. Is that worth participating in a hot springs competition?

[BuzzFeed via Takhini Hot Springs]