Nature Is Metal: Two Male Moose With Locked Antlers In Mating Ritual Are Found Frozen Solid In Alaskan River

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Throughout history, dudes have dome some pretty stupid things in the pursuit of sex. The Trojan War was fought over one woman named Helen of Troy, sending hundreds of ships and thousands of men to battle. Fred Durst said he did it all for the Nookie and look where his career’s at these days? Non-existant.

In the latest chapter of ‘men doing stupid shit for the purposes of getting laid’ we’ve got these two male moose found frozen solid (dead, obviously) in the North River of Alaska, a branch of the Unalakleet River located north near the Bering Sea:

via Craig Medred:

An acquaintance of Jeff Erickson of Unalakleet found these two, unfortunate, battling bull moose dead and frozen in the ice of the North River, a branch of the Unalakleet River, near the Bering Sea this week.
Erickson lives in the village of Unalkaleet some 400 miles northwest of Anchorage. It is home to about 700 people and now two less moose.
Erickson said one of the moose might have been killed in the battle for the opportunity to breed a cow moose, and the other moose ended up with its antlers interlocked in those of its dead challenger.
“It appears that one of the brow tines (on the antler) penetrated and may have ended this (battle) fast, leaving the ‘winner’ with a 1000 lb headdress and probably pulled his head into the water where he drowned,”Erickson messaged.

I’ve never seen a moose in person, but not for lack of spending time in the outdoors. I have spent months of my life in The Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York, I’ve spent ample time in Canada and Maine, yet I’ve never had the chance to see one of these massive and elusive creatures. Yet somehow this dude’s just trudging through the woods and happens to come across two goddamn moose frozen solid in a river. Unbelievable.

There are plenty more photos of this bizarre find over on Craig Medred’s website. I don’t know Craig personally and didn’t want to take his photos for this article, so you can just follow that link to check out the bizarre spectacle if you’re still interested.

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