There’s Now A Beard Cream For Pubic Hair Because Pubes Are All The Rage In 2015, Haven’t You Heard?

According to the experts over at BKMag: Pubes are in. They claim that pubes have seen a huge resurgence in recent years thanks to Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow growin’ out their lady bushes. Pubes have apparently reached such an extreme level of popularity that products which have historically only been used for a man’s beard are now being marketed towards pubic hair, like beard creams and beard oils.


Fur Oil

For the low, low price of $25 you can buy yourself a jar of ‘Fur Oil‘. It’s an oil designed to strengthen and soften pubic hair while reducing the number of ingrown hairs. If that sounds familiar it’s because the same product has been sold for centuries, only it’s been marketed at men’s beards and not the pubic hair industry. Here’s the product description:

Fur Oil’s unique blend of lightweight oils softens pubic hair and clears pores for fewer ingrowns and healthier skin. The 100% natural formula is gently antiseptic, antimicrobial, and reduces inflammation. Fur Oil can be used as frequently as desired to enhance pubic hair and skin, and is also suitable for use on the face and body.
Directions: Apply Fur Oil liberally to clean pubic hair and skin. For best results use as part of a daily regimen.

This is capitalism at its finest. Someone saw an existing product and figured out a way to pivot that product’s role in the marketplace and make it even more profitable than it was before. Seriously, why should anyone build new products when they can just take things that already exist and rebrand them?

Here’s what BKMag had to say about Fur Oil:

I learned about this product via The Cut, which notes that pubic hair has made a big comeback in recent years, thanks to everyone from American Apparel models to Gwyneth Paltrow to Cameron Diaz. And because of the law of supply and demand, now that there’s a bigger supply of pubes, there’s been a demand for some sort of oil to keep them soft and feathery. Fur—whose company website reminds you that “few things in life are certain, but pubic hair is one of them”—offers two different products, the aforementioned Fur Oil, designed to keep grown-out pubes soft and ingrown hairs at bay, and Stubble Cream, which softens stubble and also deals with nasty ingrowns.

Aaaand, yep. Here we are. It’s 2015 and we still don’t have flying cars and I’m not getting to work on my hoverboard. But we do have pube oil that’s really just beard oil that’s been rebranded. So there’s that. Also, the Bucs just got their first home win in like 2 years, so I guess my future isn’t as bleak as it might seem to be.

For those of you that might be interested in ‘Fur Oil’, there’s some pretty serious nudity over on their website under the ‘mood’ section, so enter at your own risk….