G-Eazy Was Filmed Allegedly Snorting Coke Off Some Girl’s Breasts Hours After Getting Rejected By Britney Spears

G-Eazy had a pretty rough night at the VMAs. The Bay-Area rapper was infamously rejected on stage by Britney Spears when he attempted to kiss her during their VMA performance on Sunday night.

After taking a beating on social media for getting snubbed on live TV, Eazy blew off some steam at a VMAs after party by allegedly snorting coke off of some random chick’s breasts.

Via Perez Hilton

On Monday, video surfaced of the Bay Area native at an after-party snorting what you hear someone in this video say is blow — off some woman’s boobs! 3
While there’s no proof it was indeed cocaine, we gotta say we’re a little disappointed in how messy this looks!

C’mon, Gerald!

Take a look at the Snapchat evidence (below):

That’s one way to get over being embarrassed in front of the entire world.

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