You’ll Never Guess Which ‘Game Of Thrones’ Actor Died After Only Four Days Into Shooting Season Five

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Even if you don’t watch Game Of Thrones you still know that everyone dies. Everyone. The main characters, the irrelevant extras, even the most famous frickin’ actor gets nixed in the first season (spoiler alert except not because everyone and their mothers already know Sean Bean dies). But actually dying in real life and not just on screen? That’s some intense dedication to the part…or, y’know, you just happen to be old as shit.

” Actor JJ Murphy has died just four days into filming his scenes for the new season of HBO’s fantasy epic Game of Thrones.
The Belfast-born actor, who was 86, was cast to play the role of Ser Denys Mallister, the oldest member of the Night’s Watch, in the fifth season of the adaptation of George RR Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series. He reportedly collapsed and died on Friday, 8 August, having shot only a few scenes in the role…
Game of Thrones producers are yet to confirm whether they intend to recast his part, or order a rewrite of the scenes he had been set to film.”

Via The Guardian

Don’t know who Ser Denys Mallister is? Don’t worry, I don’t either. According to the Wikipedia entry (SPOILERS):

“Ser Denys sends regular ravens to Castle Black requesting additional men.[6] He writes back to express disappointment in the 10 untrained men fromMole’s Town sent by Lord Commander Jon Snow, and also reports sightings of fires in the night north of the Gorge.[7] Ser Denys believes wildings are amassing to force the Bridge of Skulls once more.”

Meh, doesn’t sound like a huge part, but with new characters comes new hope that Sam Tarly will have less screen time. The fewer scenes of Sam being a giant puss and crying about White Walkers and gushing over his inbred girlfriend, the better.

Wrong. She is a goat.

Gee, I wonder why.

God you’re a waste of space.

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