A Cigar Puffing George Zimmerman Bragged About The Huge Amount He Got For His Gun Sale In Televised Interview, Calls Protestors ‘Pansies’

There’s no doubt that no matter what you do, you can make yourself look 14 times more douchey by smoking a cigar while doing it.

Like giving an interview about a gun you sold that you used to kill a teenager with.

George Zimmerman went on KTNV in Las Vegas to talk about his now infamous sale, and said he got a shit ton of money for it. While puffing a cigar.

How much? He says he netted a quarter million dollars. That’s right, $250,000.

That probably was the least insane thing he said in the half hour long interview, which you can watch above.

He claims he sold the gun because of Hillary Clinton and her anti-gun rhetoric. He says she repeatedly lied about the incident, and that upset him to the point where he basically want to get back in the public eye.

(I have no idea what Hillary said about him, so I won’t say whether she did or not. Probably.)

He also says the mayor of Baltimore gave Black Lives Matter protestors “permission” to burn Baltimore to the ground.

And he called his journey “incredible.”

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