George Zimmerman Reportedly Got Kicked Off Of Twitter After Posing Nudes Of An Alleged Ex-Girlfriend

You’d think that once the whole world knew you were a dirty fucking piece of shit human being, you’d quietly calm down and hide in the corner, living out the rest of your days as a hermit so that you eventually fade from the public’s memory and no one thinks you suck anymore. Judging from recent tweets out of George Zimmerman, his strategy is the exact OPPOSITE — be the biggest douche possible and then…well, I don’t know what his end-game is supposed to be other than dying alone in about 20 years. Is he making money from this? I doubt it — not like Nike is up and sponsoring the zim-zam in exchange for promotional tweets.

Speaking of tweets, here’s a fun story about Twitter and George Zimmerman — he doesn’t have an account! Why? Because he tweeted out topless images of a woman he claims is his ex-girlfriend, according to Daily Dot:

And in case you were dumb enough to think “Oh well maybe his thumbs slipped and typing out those exact words, adding a photo to the tweet and then hitting ‘send’ was just an accident,” he went and threw out another tweet:

The blacked-out chunk of text in the first image is Heather’s phone number, whereas the censored portion in the second tweet is all a Yahoo email address.

Not only did Zimmerman’s tweets violate Twitter’s abusive-behavior policy, but they were probably also illegal — this past October Florida became the first state to outlaw nonconsensual sexualized images (aka revenge porn):

Laws against the practice vary by state, but Florida’s statute, which became effective on Oct. 1, bans sharing such images if they’re “sexually explicit.”

On that count, “this image probably doesn’t qualify—it’s not quite ‘nude,’’ Dr. Mary Anne Franks, a University of Miami professor who helped create the framework for a number of states’ revenge porn laws, including Florida’s told told the Daily Dot via email. Franks calls the final version of Florida’s law “deeply flawed”

The fact that Zimmerman tweeted multiple images of Heather may have been enough to violate Florida/federal laws against stalking, however nothing has been confirmed from any law enforcement agencies.

[H/T Daily Mail]