Georgetown Student Group Starts Condom Delivery Service

The group, H*yas for Choice, will bring condoms and material on safe sex to anyone throwing a party at Georgetown (if they request it). The idea is to make contraceptives more readily available at the university. Currently, the Georgetown Student Health Center does not provide condoms to students. (Because you know, it's a devoutly Jesuit school and the use of condoms by humans has directly correlated with the moral decay of society over the past 60 years and if Georgetown continues to hold firm in its stance against access to birth control Jesus is certain to return and shoot all the Muslims and then have everyone over to his cloud house to talk about the meaning of life while serving non-alcoholic mocktails and cheeses straight from America's heartland.) (Did I get that right, conservatives?) (Why else would someone be against condoms?)

More from Georgetown's student newspaper, the Georgetown Voice, who interviewed members of H*yas for Choice:

“People would come up to us at the table and make comments on how we only [have contraceptives available] from 10 am to 4 pm,” said Abigail Grace (SFS ‘16), vice president of H*yas for Choice. “That’s not necessarily prime time when you need to find a condom immediately.” 

“I think this was just sort of a collection of comments and ideas. During SAC fair, we pitched [the condom delivery system] to a few frats and gauged their responses,” said Lanier Hagerty (SFS ‘14), campus outreach coordinator for H*yas for Choice. “Getting [condoms] into parties would make a lot of sense.”

Students hosting a party can go online and place an order, then request delivery or pick up. Conservatives on campus reacted to the idea of helping people be smarter and safer with their lives with the kind of unbridled support we've come to expect. Wait. That's not right. They said that it was a terrible idea and would lead to higher incidents of sexual assault. Can't argue there. Do you have any idea how many times I've been deadset on assaulting a girl then gave up when I couldn't find a condom? Happens like twice a month. 

Kudos, H*yas for Choice. 

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