National Weather Service Warns of Southern Storm with Pretty Over-the-Top Message

by 4 years ago

A couple of weeks ago a winter storm crippled Atlanta and other parts of the South. Judging from CNN’s non-stop, round-the-clock coverage, every single Georgian wrecked his truck at the same time. (But in all seriousness, it was pretty rough, with hundreds of motorists stranded on the highways.)

Unfortunately, the South will once again be battered by a mixture of snow, sleet, and freezing rain over the next two days and nights. And this time, the National Weather Service AIN’T FUCKING AROUND.

This is a storm of “historical proportions,” the forecasters wrote. “Expect significant snowfall totals across north and especially northeast Georgia. Expect significant—crippling—ice totals from Atlanta eastward along the I-20 corridor.”

The NWS concluded: “Prepare now for this potentially catastrophic event!!”

BOOM. Welcome to the terrordome, Georgia. The NWS might as well have dropped fliers with this Day After Tomorrow image photoshopped to include the Peachtree Tower.


So what can Georgia expect for this go-around? Light accumulations tonight, and an additional 2 to 4 inches of snow through Wednesday night, then a quarter-inch of ice on Wednesday night.

The Midwest isn’t laughing at Atlanta right now.

Nope. Not at all.

[H/T: Business Insider]


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