German Muay Thai Champion Joins ISIS, Only To Be Executed By Group For Trying To Flee

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m not really getting a chill vibe from the group known as ISIS. They really don’t seem to have a lot of compassion, leeway or compromise. Case in point, German fighter and former Muay Thai champion Valdet Gashi, who joined ISIS, but then was unceremoniously relieved of his duties when he attempted to flee the Islamic State.

Gashi had been training in Thailand for the last few months before he decided that joining ISIS was his calling in life. “I want to do something good and to die while doing it. That is what would make me happy,” he said. The two-time world champion in Thai kickboxing left his family including two daughters in Germany to join the Islamic State.

A few weeks ago, details emerged that the 29-year-old of Albanian descent was killed in Syria, but the exact cause was unknown.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a monitoring group that highlights Isis activities in Syria, reported that the MMA fighter was arrested while trying to flee from Aleppo in Syria with “another group.” Allegedly Gashi was jailed in the Syrian city of Manbej, only to be later executed by Isis.

Apparently Gashi was “shocked” by Isis after he moved to Syria and had been attempting to travel back to Germany right in the first month that he joined ISIS.

They could have been appreciative that the popular fighter brought some headlines by joining the terrorist group, but no they just had to be all ISIS-y about it and kill him in cold blood. Here’s how the relationship could have ended:

“Hey Valdet, I know you gave being a terrorist the ole college try, and we’re really sorry to hear that it wasn’t your thing. Maybe it was the lack of proper bathroom facilities or all the beheadings or the detonating explosives to the heads of innocent people or the savage drowning of prisoners in a cage in a swimming pool. Whatever the reason, we respect your feelings and want you to be happy, so if going back to Germany makes you happy, then you have to do what’s best for Valdet.

But we want to thank you for coming all the way from Germany to help us murder, rape and ravage entire regions. We really appreciate all the great publicity you gave us, and the boys and I wanted to see you off properly, so Tom’s wife baked you a cake. I know it’s not much, but she bakes a heck of a Nutella raspberry cake. And she even put little muay thai boxing gloves on it with the words, ‘Best Of Luck Valdet!’ Dave wanted to write, ‘You’re Dead To Us Now,’ as a joke, and while it made us chuckle in irony, we didn’t think that was how we wanted you to remember us. We ordered you an Uber to the airport and we hope you have a great flight and wish you nothing but happiness in the next chapter of your life.”

Sadly, it did not end in Nutella raspberry cake and a fun going-away party.