To Get Back At An Ex, A Man Mailed Her A Bunch Of Live Baby Chickens

chicken-rifle, Photoshop By ME

A Washington, D.C. woman got an unexpected package in the mail after breaking up with her boyfriend.

A box full of two-day old baby chickens, with a note that read “there are plenty of chicks out there.”


The woman took them to the D.C. Humane Society, where they are now just chilling. Look at them chill.



Those are some chill-ass chickens, especially given what happened to them. I bet you wouldn’t have enjoyed being shoved into a box at age one-day old.

The chickens are fine, though. Six will be going to live at Peaceful Fields Sanctuary, while the others will be at Poplar Springs Animal Sanctuary (if you wanna visit them one day).

Nothing’s gonna happen to the dude, though, because apparently it’s perfectly legal to mail some chickens.

Word. I did not know that.