This Woman Makes Big Bucks Pretending To Be Other People On Dating Apps To Help Them Score

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File this one under “jobs I did not know exist” as apparently one can now make a healthy living being a ghost writer for people on dating apps.

Because that is exactly what this woman Meredith Golden (and I assume others) does as a career. That’s right, the person you are communicating with on a dating app might just be a 42-year-old mom and not that clever 25-year-old you thought you were chatting with. Totally not weird at all, right?


On the plus side, whoever you are communicating with obviously has a lot of disposable income because Golden charges up to $900 a pop to whisper sweet nothings to potential dates.

Reports the New York Post

The idea of working as an online dating coach came to her after setting up several of her friends who ultimately got married in the late 1990s. Two years ago, she started charging for the service after people she didn’t know came to her for help.

This might be the best part: seeing as how Golden has been married for years she’s never actually used a dating app for herself.

Golden juggles a maximum of 12 clients at a time, charging them $900 for the first month of coaching, $700 for the second, and $500 for each additional month. She said she works with men of all ages but most women who come to her are in their mid-to-late 30s. While some clients have relationship problems to be solved, most people come to her because they are simply too busy to date. She mentions one client, a divorced investment banker in her late 40s who is “beautiful, successful, and single.” She’s got a high-pressure job and two kids on the Upper East Side in New York City — and no time for dating.

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