Check Out The Giant 360 Cameras Google Maps Is Giving Hikers To Capture Trails

by 3 years ago


​Google’s Trekker program has been around for a couple years now, though this week there’s renewed interest in the program after this pic went viral on Imgur. Here’s how the program works: You apply through Google as an able-bodied hiker, than they’ll loan you out this bulky 50-pound StreetView backpack to capture panoramic images of the trail.

Another backpacker shared a pic of him using the Google Maps backpack and answered some questions about the project. No, you don’t get paid. But hey, it sounds like a fun time if you like being outside:





Some day you’re going to be able to “walk” the entire Appalachian Trail without lifting a foot. What a time to be alive.

For more information about the program, head over to Google.

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