This Giant Inflatable Rubber Duck Was Stolen After An Annual Pond Race — Officials Suspect Fowl Play

Alright, who got hammered and stole this giant duck in the middle of the night?

“To the person or persons who are responsible, it might be best to get ducky back to where he belongs,” wrote the Hunterdon County (NJ) Crime Stoppers on their official page.

The group is referring to a 5-foot 4-inch tall duck that was last seen on Sunday during the town’s annual rubber duck race. Clinton Guild President Diane Crisman-Race said officials believed the duck went missing “sometime between 10pm Sunday and 8am Monday.”

Crisman-Race maintained that the duck was likely stolen, as they were able to determine that the duck did not float away or sink to the bottom of the pond.

“We went to the top of the art museum and looked into the river,” she said. “The water’s clear enough to see through, and it’s not there.”

The Hunterdon County Crime Stoppers are offering a $250 reward for the duck’s return.

[via UPI]

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