Guy Claims He’s Had Sex With 2,500 Girls, Doesn’t Use Condoms And Can Tell If A Girl Has An STD By Looking At Her

27-year-old Danny Wagster, a personal trainer from Manchester, claims that he’s had sex with around 2,500 girls and that he doesn’t use a condom unless it’s absolutely necessary. Why this guy thought telling his story to the media was a good idea beats me – what kind of self-respecting girl would fuck this guy after reading shit like this?

The personal trainer, who describes his sex life as ‘fast and furious’ even managed to up his numbers while in a two-year relationship, cheating on her with 50 different women.

He told The Sun: “Over the last decade, I’ve had around 2,500 partners – and I’ve only cared about two of them.”(via)

If you’re a girl and you read that, your reaction is “ew.” If you’re a GUY and you read that, the only reason you’d have any thought other than “Wow, do less you hardo” is if you’re a complete tool just like Danny. Sleep around all you want, it’s your life not mine, but cheating on your girlfriend of two years with 50 women? You’ve got issues.

Unfortunately for those 50 women, Danny doesn’t believe that safe sex is “massively important.” While that would be a problem for literally anyone else who sticks his dick in any available hole like Danny, according to him he doesn’t worry about getting STD’s as he gets “regular checks – and I can tell by looking at a girl if she’s got anything.”

I need to take a pause here for a moment and mention that Danny has 273 profile photos on Facebook, which coincidentally happens to be the same number of hairs he’s scraped together to try and create an atrocious mustache:

We now return to our normal programming.

And while Danny claims that the chicks he’s bedded are hot (LOL YEAH OKAY), he does admit that if he wakes up and finds someone “less than favorable” in his bed that he makes them wait for a taxi outside.

By now you should be wondering whether this guy has mommy or daddy issues. I can’t speak for him personally as I can only go off of what’s been reported in Mirror, but considering that Danny willingly admitted that “his father had 12 children with five different women but ‘doesn’t know’ if that has anything to do with the way he treats women,” I’d say it’s safe to say it’s a combination of both.

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