Girl Who Ate Two Domino’s Pizzas Every Day Starts Strict U.S. Military Diet, Loses 100 Lbs. In Less Than A Year



25-year-old Talitha Pringle was once 20 shy of 300 pounds. Eating 4,000 calories on the daily, Talitha explains that “I’ve always been big and chunky. But I was never unhappy, so I never reached a point where I thought ‘enough is enough.’ I was just happy plodding on as usual.”

Her tune changed, however, when one of her friends from work “bullied” her into trying a new diet with her last May. Talitha stuck with the diet for a month, and while it wasn’t easy as acceptable foods were “incredibly restrictive,” she was able to see quick results. “That gave me the push I needed to carry on,” she says, speaking to Mirror, “You have three days on with a set meal plan that equates to about 800 to 1,000 calories and then the subsequent four days you just follow a healthy meal plan.”

The diet in question that helped Talitha lose almost 100 pounds in under a year was reportedly developed by the U.S. Army to help soldiers shed weight quickly. While not widely popular, it clearly worked for Talitha – she’s now a UK size 10 (US size six). “The military diet taught me so much about portion sizes, and it encourages you to eat all the food groups so you don’t feel like you’re being deprived,” she explains, “If I want dessert, I’ll have a banana and some ice cream and that’s allowed.”

If it worked for Talitha, it can certainly work for you too:

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