The Girl with the Brutal Text Message Explains Herself, Comes Off Horribly

Anyway, Pu just gave her first interview after the incident and she comes off… Even fucking worse! The DC-based “memoirist” spoke to In the Capital, telling the site that she had no regrets to how she handled the break-up text. “I am a writer. This is what writing–and journalism–should do. It should incense. It should evoke, if not provoke. The reason this story has caught so much attention is because it is relatable, on both sides of the gender line. To be fair, the man has both my books; he also knew what he was getting himself into.”

Pu was asked what, exactly, set off the diatribe. She explained that the man she had been out with twice had attempted to “DTR” (Christ, these are her words; it means “Define the relationship”) but she had “tabled” the discussion. When the guy, then, broke things off, she got angry.

For him to suddenly “dump” me after I'd already politely pumped the brakes on our still-nascent “relationship”–that is what caused the anger, to try to preemptively end things before they'd even begun because he felt I was pulling away.


QWP later speaks in the third-person when giving advice to anyone looking for a future relationship with such an established author. Here's the advice, in case there are any D.C. guys out there feeling suicidal, but unable to to wade into the Potamac without a push:

ITC: Are you looking for a relationship?

QWP: My goodness, no! As if that weren't evident from everything already. DC is a great place to date, but only to date. A lot of blowback comes in comments like, “QWP is never getting married.” I'm sorry, but how antiquated of a notion is that?! Do you know me? Do you know if that's even what I want for myself? That is where the “I have two books and a condo” comment came in to play. No, I do not think I am ballin' out of control because I have DC real estate. I am simply saying, “I am self sufficient with skills that will secure my future.” Dropping a lot of money on me is flattering and, admittedly, a lot of fun, but don't kid yourself and think that's the only thing going on here. That's insulting to both you and me.


What a lovely woman.

(Also: If it thought it weren't possible to really dislike Pu any more than you currently do, this is the description to her first book, Type A+: “When Quin Woodward Pu—a straight-A Asian-American extrovert from Georgia with a penchant for vodka, designer shoes, and older men—receives her acceptance letter from Johns Hopkins Medical School, she is forced to make a decision between giving up her hard-partying, man-eating ways and continuing her fabulous VIP lifestyle and pursuing a more glitzy and glamorous career. Type A+ is the memoir of her transition from MCAT-teaching pre-med free clinic volunteer to directionless, yet fabulous and resourceful, freelance writer. Like many Asian-Americans, she butts heads with her first-generation Chinese father when she strays from his life plan for her to attend a top medical program. She is encouraged by her histrionic but loyal friends—from an undiagnosed alcoholic roommate, to a bohemian BFFL, to a middle-aged playboy dermatologist boyfriend —to follow her champagne-soaked dreams of becoming a journalist.”

This is when self-confidence goes horribly wrong.)

[H/T: In the Capital]