Girl Gets Caught Stealing Some Rock Hard Dick Cream And Desensitizing Deep Throat Spray From The Mall




If you’re gonna commit a crime, you might as well make it a memorable one. What’s the point of shoplifting a tangerine and some Mr. Pibb and winding up with community service. That’s not a good story to tell.

Eighteen-year-old Karla Farmer does not have that problem. For from a Spencer’s Gift at a mall in Spartansburg, SC, she allegedly filched some Rock Hard Power Cream, Deep Throat Desensitizing Spray and handcuffs.

She was also found to have stolen underwear from Victoria’s Secret.

Well, I can conjure up the scenario where all four of those come into play. Can you?

Look, we all shoplifted from Spencer’s growing up. It’s almost a right of passage for teenagers. Shame she got caught with such salacious stuff.

Especially since that shit doesn’t work. Not that I know or anything.