Girl Complains About Cheating Husband On Facebook, Gets Called Out By Bro For Trying To Bang HIM While Still Married



People who live in glass houses should not throw stones, just like how people who live in the sewer shouldn’t shit in storm drains and how people who eat cheeseburgers shouldn’t be members of PETA.

Nonsensical examples aside, this is what happens when people feel the need to over-share their lives on social media: anybody can interject with whatever they want. Sure you can delete it, but Imgur screenshots are for life and calling out your husband on Facebook gets you…what, exactly? What do you gain from it? Because I have to assume that this girl got a lot of shit after this guy called her out for trying to cheat on her husband, especially after she was the one who complained about how her husband had cheated on her first:


daily mail

This chick is part of the gene pool from which we reproduce from, and if that realization doesn’t scare you then nothing will. Let’s hope the husband handled it better than this guy, who smashed his girlfriend’s car window once he found out she was cheating:

[H/T Daily Mail]

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