Girl Destroys Boys And Makes Them Tap Out Or Pass Out With Tremendous Jiu Jitsu Skills

This girl demolishes these boys and their egos by making them tap out during a friendly wrestling night at a park. However I’m pretty sure that these boys were hoping that this wrestling would go on all night, but the talented girl made short work of them.

Armed with an arsenal of jiu jitsu skills and a nasty armbar that would impress Ronda Rousey, this young lady is hardly trying and still forces the boys to tap out or pass out. All of the males are smart enough to realize that this girl can easily manhandle them so they tap out, except one stubborn fool. When he refuses to tap out despite being dominated, she simply applies an even tighter hold and causes him to lose consciousness. And I’m pretty certain this is how submissive fetishes for men who like to be dominated begin.

To be fair, this is probably these lads’ first physical contact with a girl which can be distracting, not to mention trying to hide your raging boner.