Gold Digginger Ditches Boyfriend To Ride Private Jet With Guy, Guy Trolls Her SO Hard By Getting Her Kicked Off Plane

by 2 years ago

Videos like these always miss the fact that the girl could’ve been lying about having a boyfriend just to get the guy to stop hitting on her. Sure it’s shitty that yeah, she agrees to hang out with him after he says he has a private jet, but come on – wouldn’t you do the same? If you were single and the creepy dude who started mackin’ on you in the parking lot was suddenly some fancy millionaire and not just a bum in sweats you can’t even tell me that you WOULDN’T change your mind. If she has a boyfriend then yes, this is indeed shitty – but if I had a dollar for every time I told a guy I had a boyfriend just so he’d fuck off, well, let’s just say I wouldn’t be working here.

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