Bad Idea Of The Day: Girl Enters Crocodile Enclosure At Zoo

The Zoo La Pastora in Monterrey, Mexico is not a petting zoo, but Stacy Alejandra Torres Cuellar was brave enough to make it one, in one of the most dangerous exhibits nonetheless.

Cuellar nonchalantly jumped into the crocodile enclosure at the zoo like she was about to go frolic with a bunch of furry kittens. Then once she is in the crocodile pit, she goes and pulls the giant reptile’s tail. Turns out crocodiles don’t like their tailed pulled and the beast whips around to snap at the near Darwin Award winner.

You best believe she booked the fuck out of there. Now I completely expect this type of brazen foolishness from guys, but what the fuck was this girl thinking?!?!

Zoo coordinator Fustavo Sepulveda said that the dunderhead has been banned from the park, but I doubt she’s going anywhere near the zoo.

Turns out she was a total croc-tease.