This Girl Got Fired Before She Even Started New Job Because Of A Tweet

by 4 years ago

I don’t know if people realize this, but Twitter isn’t some secret diary where all your Tweets are locked away and nobody can see them because you hold the key. There are no impermeable force fields or magical unicorns with lasers attached to their horns flying around protecting your Tweets. The shit is fucking public. So when you write nonsense, EVERYBODY sees that nonsense. Usually your nonsense is so “Who gives a shit” nonsense that nobody even bats an eye. But that doesn’t mean just write your inner feelings about your crappy job where you boss or in this case, future boss, can see it.

Meet Cecila. She’s super excited to start her new job and announces it to the world on Twitter.

Well before she even took a step into her brand-spanking new job she was fired.


Her job sounded pretty friggin’ sweet too!

Even though Robert Waple only has 15 Tweets including one insightful message of “Pgdwdm,” that doesn’t mean that someone else doesn’t have peeping Twitter eyes that will rat on you in an instant because the streets are watching.


She seems to be handling being fired from her “fuck ass” job pretty well.

She may have a future as a social media coordinator though.