Girl Has Job Offer Revoked After Employer Digs Up (Hot) Lesbian Photo She Posted On Instagram Three Years Ago

Samantha Chirichella

“If a cop follows you for 500 miles, you’re going to get a ticket.”
-Warren Buffet

Granted, Buffet was talking about white-collar crime, but the sentiment remains for background checks at potential places of employment. You don’t have to be Mr. Robot to find out I’m a psychopath. Pick your poison with the reasons you shouldn’t hire me: just a quick glance at a police log or my internet browser history and there isn’t a employer in this great country that would bring me onboard. Thank Jesus I slipped through the cracks at BroBible. No drug test either? Easy peezy.

But unfortunately, others aren’t so lucky. Social media is the ultimate exposer, and a 29-year-old New Yorker named Samantha Chirichella fell victim to its pitfalls after a job as a staff investigator in the legal services department of an energy firm was revoked after a racy picture of her was uncovered on Instagram.

According to Mirror, Samantha was set to make close to $70K at Consolidated Edison before a background check dug up this Instagram photo she posted THREE years ago.


It took me a few moments to understand what was going on here, but its basically 69 with nipples. I dig it.

In court papers filed in Manhattan’s Supreme Court, Samantha claims Consolidated Edison yanked the job offer because of her “sexual orientation,” but states that it is ‘art’ not ‘porn’ and was shown in a gallery as part of an art show that featured her friend’s photography.

According to NY Daily News, Chirichella’s lawyer, Arthur Schwartz, said in court papers:

“The work was no more sexually explicit that the works of DaVinci, Titian or Michaelangelo, and less explicit that photos published in Sports Illustrated.”

A Con Ed spokesperson said they are currently reviewing the matter.

Chill the fuck out Con Ed. Act like you’ve seen a pair of titties before. Goddamn prudes.

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