I’m Bummed That This Girl Who Legit EXPLODED While Trying To Take The ‘Ultimate Selfie’ Wasn’t Kim Kardashian



No seriously, like a giant ball of fire and shit. Exploded. As in if Arnold Schwarzenegger had been there it would’ve been legally classified as a stunt-man failure from Last Action Hero rather than some poor misguided 18-year-old girl trying to take pictures of herself on top of a train.

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I know that’s not an Arnold Schwarzenegger gif, but I came across it while looking for one and wanted to include it anyway. Here’s an explosion!

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Anna Ursu, 18, was reportedly on a quest for the “ultimate selfie” when she lay down on top of the train and was electrocuted, turning her into a human fireball…

Brunette Anna Ursu, 18, had gone to the railway station with a pal in Iasi in northeast Romania to take the “special selfie ” and post it on Facebook .

But as she lay on top of the train and stuck her leg in the air, she erupted into a ball of fire when an electrical field surrounding the overhead cables sent 27,000 volts through her body.(Via)

I don’t really get it. What about being on top of a train makes this the “ultimate selfie”? Wouldn’t taking a selfie while skydiving make more sense, or walking around on Mars, or licking your way to the center of a tootsie pop be more impressive? Thomas the Tank Engine is soooo 90’s, and I hated that creepy-ass show with the entirety of my soul. Fuck your trains; go take a bus or something.

And it’s not like this poor girl made this decision on her own; she had her 17-year-old best friend with her as well who was also reportedly injured by the explosion.

Her 17-year-old friend, also on the train roof, was sent flying off by the force of the blast.

A passerby put his own life at risk by scrambling on top of the carriage to put out the girl’s burning clothes before calling the emergency services.

He had called out to them to keep their heads and legs down and then heard a loud bang as the girl turned into a human fireball.(Via)

Although both teens were airlifted to the hospital, the 18-year-old Anna unfortunately died. According to a hospital spokesman, even though she hadn’t touched the wire she had still come into contact with the electrical field surrounding the wire, which is just as deadly.

So let that be a lesson to you all…what? No I don’t know what the lesson is. Just pick one that’s at least somewhat relevant and run with it. Personally, I’m going with “You’re ugly on the inside AND the outside and no one wants to see pictures of that shit.” That’s why I:

A. Don’t have an Instagram


B. Don’t take pictures of jack shit.

[H/T Mirror]

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