The Girl With The Penis Tattoo

Meet Holly Aston, a lass from England who has an affection for tattoos. She has a tattoo of that is supposed to be Storm from the X Men on her arm as well as a couple more tattoos including one derogatory slang word for a lesbian.

However Holly and her friends thought to themselves, “Hey why pay someone to ink our bodies permanently when we can buy a tattoo gun and do it ourselves!” So they purchased a tattoo gun, full kit of needles and ink from the Internet for about $58. Fuck sanitation and blood poisoning because they were going to ink up themselves!

However they made the tragic mistake of getting plastered and then busting out the tattoo gun. The next morning Holly awoke with some pain on her shoulder so she went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror and was astonished to find a dick. Her “friends” inked a penis on her back complete with spewing jizz. What a dick.

Now if someone is banging Holly from behind does the peen tattoo kill your boner or is it motivation to cum hard like in the illustration?

Holly has been hiding her dick tat for two years for fear her family might be disappointed in her body art. She even turned down a vacation because she was afraid of everyone seeing her dong. Don’t fret Holly, many men are ashamed of their tiny cocks.

Finally she came out of the dark with her tattoo penis to her parents because she hoped they could help. “I thought they’d be really angry but my mum Patricia was more disappointed that I hadn’t told her about it,” says Holly.

Holly is appearing on a television show which features bad tattoos and they are paying to have the regrettable ink removed by laser.

If only we could all have a laser that makes all the dicks in our life disappear.