Let’s Watch This Girl Plummet 3 Stories As She Attempts To Climb Down A Balcony

This girl thinks that she has the upper body strength to do some Spiderman shit and scale down this building. She is dead wrong.

Stairs? How bout stairs? Maybe use the stairs? Stairs? Why not do steppy-steps down the stairs? You should probably take the stairs.

The way this masterpiece was filmed, I was under the impression that she was on the second story and landed on the ground after smashing into the balcony. But alas, she had another story to go after crash-landing into the poor balcony. Thankfully for Meg from Family Guy here, the extremely sturdy balcony slows her descent back to Earth.

The way she falls, hits the balcony, bounces off and continues to plummet downward she looks like a large Plinko disc.

R.I.P. the balcony.

R.I.P. the grass.

Why didn’t she just use the stairs?