This Girl’s Unrelenting Prank Texting Of Her Mom Is A+ Trolling Of An Oblivious Parent

girl prank texting her mom


Parents and technology. Some get it. Some don’t. I’m not sure what’s better, having a parent who understands it or one who just can’t quite grasp what it’s all about.

On one hand, having a parent who gets it can be nice because you can talk about it and use it with them and not have to repeatedly explain things.

On the other hand, having a parent who hasn’t quite figured it out means that you can troll the living hell out of them if you do it right.

This girl, Liz Hammett, she falls very strongly into the latter category. The prank texts she pulls on her mom are so wicked and hilarious it’s a wonder her mom hasn’t disowned her yet. Then again, perhaps her mom also has Liz’s great sense of humor so she doesn’t mind…much.

So mean, yet so funny…


H/T The Daily Dot; Texting image by Shutterstock