Girl Rips Her Shirt Off And ‘Uses Breasts As Weapons To Attack Security Guard’ After He Told Her To Smoke Outside

Anything goes when you’re out of options and pinned into a corner by your opponent, which means that if it can be used as a weapon, you sure as shit better go and use it as a weapon. Socks, tables, feathery pillows – all fair game when it comes to not getting the shit kicked out of you. And if ya got nothin’ well…ya still got ya boobs, right?

Speaking from a practical standpoint though, boobs are not a good tool when it comes to bare knuckle fighting, as I’m sure you witnessed in the video above. Supposed to have taken place in Almaty, Kazakhstan, the CCTV footage was taken from a betting shop after a security guard told her she was not allowed to smoke inside. Why smoking indoors in this particular venue was so important is beyond me, just like how whipping your shirt off and flappin’ your boobies left and right as an “effective” defense mechanism is also beyond my comprehension.

People are weird.

[H/T Mirror]

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