All-Girl Royal Rumble Brawl Erupts At Sunoco Gas Station

At least six women grappled in a vicious hair-pulling, knockdown, throwdown donnybrook at a Sunoco gas station in Detroit. A gas station patron captured the crazy melee on his camera phone (Vertical filming of course) around 12 p.m. on May 22. The five-minute long explosive royal rumble begins with two young women taking shots at each other near a white SUV before friends of the respected combatants join in on the fracas.

Shortly after, the brawling ladies pair off and fight separate battles all around the gas station. None of the spectators seemed much into calling police, but rather capturing the catfight on their phones.

No arrests have been made, but police are investigating.

What started such a heated brawl? Did one of the women steal the other’s gas nozzle before her vehicle was completely filled up? Did the gas station convenience store run out of Hostess Sno Balls? We may never know the answer to this curious question.