Watch This Crazy, Jealous Woman Run Her Ex-Boyfriend Into A Pole After Spotting Him With His New Girl

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Road Rage


Stuff like this only happens in Russia. I mean I’m sure it happens in America but we don’t see it because we don’t all own dashboard cams like the Russians. So if I don’t see it, it doesn’t happen.

A Russian woman named Mary Artemyeva is accused of attempted murder after she forced her ex-boyfriend’s car off the road and it’s tough to say “accused” when there is video footage. But we’ll say accused.

The 26-year-old flew into a jealous rage when she saw her ex-boyfriend Chariton Anisimov, 28, on the road with his new girlfriend. Artemyeva revved her engine and rammed straight into Anisimov’s car in central Russia’s Volgograd Oblast.

Anisimov can be seen attempting to accelerate away in video footage filmed by a dashboard camera. However, Artemyeva relentlessly rams her ex-boyfriend’s car from the side and forces it up onto the central reservation. The force caused Anisimov’s car to crash and hit a huge billboard.

Watch this craziness.

Chariton and his new piece lived, thank god, but both suffered concussions. Artemyeva’s license has since been revoked but I still wouldn’t feel safe if I were that dude.

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