Girl High On Wisdom Teeth Drugs Thinks She’s Kylie Jenner, Cries When She Realizes That Makes Caitlyn Jenner Her Dad

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If I woke up from wisdom teeth surgery and found out that I legit am Kylie Jenner I’d be crying tears of joy instead of tears of sadness like this dumbass. Yeah, Kylie is a nitwit and lots of online trolls hate her because…well, trolls. But so what? SHE’S RICH BITCH. Kylie Jenner is 18 years old, lives in her OWN mansion, has her OWN makeup line and does nothing all day except fuck around with her obscene amount of money. How awful of a life can that be?

Granted, yes she’s stuck with the rest of the Kardashians as her family, but at least Khloe is cool and Kendall is…hot? The rest of them, eh. Could still do without.

[H/T Metro]