Girl With The Most Annoying Voice In The World Gets Taken Down By The Cops Over A Noise Complaint

Not 100% sure what happened here, but based off the little bits of the conversation you can hear in this video, it sounds like the cops paid these two girls living in what looks like a generic college apartment building a visit over a noise complaint. The cops insist on going into the apartment for whatever reason and the girls deny the request in the most annoying way possible. Continuing to nag, one girl starts freaking out and runs away, resulting in the cop taking her down in the middle of the hallway, with all the neighbors watching.

Just what in the hell is going on here? The only thing I’m really certain of after watching this video is that this girl might have the most annoying voice I’ve ever heard. While that alone makes it somewhat vindicating, I’m pretty confused about what happened. I’m sure everything would be fine and she wouldn’t have ended up in bracelets if she had only calmed the hell down.

[H/T: LTR]

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