A Guy Bought His Girlfriend A Surprise Boob Job For Her Birthday And That Went About As Well As You’d Expect

File this story under things you should never do for your girlfriend on her birthday.

Wang Chen knew his girlfriend Wen Ting’s birthday was coming up so he wanted to get her a surprise gift. Being the thoughtful boyfriend that he obviously is he made an appointment for her at a cosmetic surgery clinic in Zhengzhou, China… for a boob job.

Surprisingly Wen Ting did not appreciate this gift as much as I am sure he thought she would as she reportedly smacked him in the head, kicked him in the groin and then dumped him.

Pictures taken by Chen’s pal Li (which you can see below) seem to verify this turn of events.

Good buddy Li had this to say about the whole thing…

“She went ballistic. She started shouting that she had never been so insulted in her life and that if he didn’t like her breasts then he could fuck off. He apologized and said he thought they were lovely but that he thought she would like bigger ones. At that point she started hitting and kicking him and then landed one right in his gentleman’s area. She was clearly furious and stormed off. I decided to stop taking photos as I realized this probably wasn’t a moment he wanted captured.”

Probably good thinking on his part.

Of course Wang was shocked by this whole ordeal, but still thinks he can salvage things, “I really thought she would like the present. Now she says she doesn’t want to be with me anymore. But I will come up with something to win her back.”

Good luck with that, buddy.

H/T Daily Star; Bra image by Shutterstock