This Girl Gave Her Boyfriend A Beyoncé Exam To Save Their Relationship, And The Results Are In

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Chicks love Beyoncé.

It’s written in their DNA. When Beyoncé comes on in the club, or the grocery story, or the dentist, or fucking anywhere, you don’t matter. You don’t exist. For those four minutes, your girlfriend is a Single Lady and the only thing you can do is throw on a plastic smile and shake your head. Because all men know that expressing disapproval toward Queen B is a recipe for jerking off in the shower for two weeks.

So it shouldn’t surprise us bros that 21-year-old Allie Davis is like a *HuGe* Beyoncé fan.

This is indicative in her Twitter handle (@fergyonce) , her Twitter profile (‘I met Beyoncé at Topshop and life will never be the same.’), and oh ya, her giving her boyfriend a written Beyoncé test as a barometer of the health of the relationship.

The test name: ‘The Official Allie Davis Relationship Test.’

The questions were mostly Beyoncé related, but a few pop culture questions were thrown in there to make it even more impossible.

The boyfriend needed to score a 60 percent or high to avoid his penis being put in a cage for the foreseeable future. Sorry, brah, I would hook you up, but not sure adderrall will help figuring out Beyoncé’s favorite fruit.

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He passed?? She must have been throwing up softballs. Let’s investigate.

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‘Partition.’ Had no idea that was even a word, nevermind a song.

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This dude’s a gamer. What do you do when your girlfriend surprises you with a Beyoncé quiz? You get a solid Bey-, hang that shit on your fridge, and ask to test her on blowjobs.

Meanwhile, I don’t know my girlfriend’s mom’s first name.

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