Girl Pranks Boyfriend Into Thinking She Cheated On Him In What Has To Be The Worst Prank Video You’ll Ever Watch

I won’t sugarcoat this – this video blows. All you get to see is this poor dude’s heart get broken for a few seconds before the girl is like “JUST KIDDING HA HA HA I SUCK lulzzz.” Lady, you gotta drag this out if you wanna make a good video – your boyfriend’s gotta punch the guy you supposedly cheated on him with in the face, he’s gotta break some dishes, a lamp or two, and only if he’s about to commit a homicide THEN you can go and be like “jk lolololollll.” Sure what I described is super shitty, but you gotta yolk this shit if you want to make a good video. He’ll understand in the end…or maybe he’ll still slaughter you and your annoying prankster friend. Either ending would be better than this.