This Guy Found Out His Girlfriend Was Cheating On Him With 6 Different Dudes, Dumped Her In The Best Way Possible



There’s no good way to find out that you’re being cheated on. There’s just slightly less devastating ways. For instance, walking in on your girlfriend or wife being defiled by another man tops the “worst” list. Where as, her just telling you, “Hey Chief, I’m leaving you because I’m fucking our auto mechanic” is slightly less devastating. You didn’t see her in the act and therefore you can pretend it’s not real life. Maybe.

This story about how a dude named Darryl found out his girlfriend Nicole was letting other dude’s dip their toes into her swimming hole is somewhere in between.

Here’s how it happened, according to his email to Mac Lethal. Yes, he emailed that Mac Lethal.



Mac Lethal, being a decent guy and shit, decided to help Darryl out and give him this video to use when he dumps Nicole like the two-timing trash that she is. I bet she doesn’t even have a gluten allergy either. That bitch.