What Girls Are Like Drunk vs. What Girls are Like Sober

by 4 years ago

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When it comes to girls and booze, they can be Jekyll and Hyde. One minute they’re dancing to “Ignition (Remix)” as gracefully as ever, loving every second of it, then three Fireball shots later their make-up is smeared, their heals are broken, and they’re drunk text/crying about an ex-boyfriend who “just wasn’t the same after he came back from study abroad.” It’s amazing how quickly they can pull 180s when under the influence. Or “that girl” who never wants to eat will get hella hangry right around closing time and insist that you go devour dollar slices drenches in ranch dressing. We all know that girl.

Chicks, man. This is the perfect breakdown of what they’re like drunk vs. what they’re like sober.

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