Girls Are Now Injecting THIS Into Their Breasts To Try To Make Their Boobs Look Perky Without Surgery



Charles Runels is a cosmetic dermatologist who has recently started injecting patients’ own blood back into their breasts in a bid to make said breasts look perkier without having to go through invasive surgery. According to Cosmopolitan, blood is first “drawn from your arm by a doctor, spun through a centrifuge to separate the platelet-rich plasma (PRP)” and then reinserted back into your body. The “vampire breast lift,” as its inventor Charles Runels has dubbed it, supposedly creates perkier cleavage as well as fixes inverted nipples and erases stretch marks.

The treatment, which costs about $1,800, isn’t a replacement for implants and won’t double your cup size overnight, but it will reshape and round out your bust (Runels claims you’ll look like you’re wearing a pushup bra even when you’re braless). It also helps make nipples rosier, perkier, and more sensitive.(via)

As for whether or not it works, well…




Two days after:



Finished result two months later:



However, not everyone is an ideal candidate for the vampire breast lift. Women who have natural breasts and just want extra roundness without increasing their cup size as well as women who currently have implants but are looking to correct small defects (rippling, unevenness, etc.) are the ideal candidates.

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