What Girls Say They Want In the Bedroom

Ever spend your waking moments wondering what girls want in the bedroom, Bros? WELL WONDER NO MORE! Our friends at secret-sharing app Whisper asked girls what they want from a dude in the bedroom. This free advice should come in handy next time things get intimate between you and your lady.

Girls: What do you wish your boyfriend would do for you in bed?


Kiss me everywhere. The body is full of hidden sensitive spots. I want him to find them all.


Bring me pizza


Play with my hair until I fall asleep.


Choke me a little during sex :)


Just about anything. I'd settle for a decent makeout


Scratch my back, Brush my hair, Cuddle THEN kinky sex!


Make love to me instead of watching porn


not stop until I have an orgasm for once


Well... Considering he does nothing but thrust, anything else would be lovely.


Slow the fuck down and be gentle during foreplay lol


i wish he'd do anal. and be more aggressive. I'm not a porcelain doll. I won't break if you get rough with me, I swear.


Use his damn hands for something other than propping himself over me...


Id love it if he teased me more, touching every inch of me before we get started


Last more than one minute


Actually go down on me and be willing to try kinky things.