This Girl’s Sword Juggling Routine Is Just ELECTRIC



In the nicest way possible, I was so hoping something would go wrong here, but nope, this chick is some kind of seasoned pro.

Now, I’ve never met a sword juggler in my life, but you’ve got to think this girl fits the mold of an All-Star, right?

Look at those pants, look at that cat tattoo, look at that balance and concentration, and more importantly, look at ALL OF THOSE DREAM CATCHERS on her bedroom wall. You don’t get to this level of sword juggling expertise without tapping into native American folklore, everyone knows that. Didn’t even notice those foxtails on that Djembe drum either, right? Bonus points for the leopard printed cat tunnel at the base of her bed, too.

If you would’ve asked me to describe a sword juggler’s hobbies (other than juggling swords, duh) in no order, it would’ve been: cats, dream catchers, and interest in artwork far too intense to understand/interpret. This chick encompasses all three.

Simply electric. No reason Barnum & Bailey doesn’t have her on the phone by this evening. Legend in the making.

[via Reddit]