Global Markets Are Crashing After The Unbelievable News That Donald Trump Could Be The Next President

by 1 year ago

Donald J. Trump is looking more and more as the next President of the United States and global markets are reacting with sheer trepidation.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average futures plummeted 754 points down 4% in after-hours trading and the Nasdaq was down 202.75. The stock market was bidding on that Hillary Clinton would be the next president, and continue her favorable treatment of huge financial institutions. Investors moved into bonds and stocks in the anticipation of uncharted waters of a Trump presidency.

The Mexican peso plunged more than 11% to a record low at 20.30 pesos to the dollar. It was the currency’s largest daily drop since 1995. This stems from the fact that Trump has pledged to nix the NAFTA free trade agreement and 80% of Mexican exports are to the United States.

Major indexes in Asia are falling by more than 2% and the Nikkei was down more than 4% because of his anti-trade stance that could bring global uncertainty if he becomes the next president.

Gold jumped more than 3% to $1,313.60 per ounce.

These changes aren’t expected to be permanent, but rather just a knee-jerk reaction to the shocking revelations.


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