Golden Retriever Watching The Australian Open On TV Is LOSING HIS SHIT

by 6 years ago

The Australian Open is currently taking place, one of Tennis’ major tournaments. This means two things: there are sports on in the middle of the day for us Americans to watch, and there are a ton of balls flying around on TV.

The latter wouldn’t really be of any significance had YouTuber ‘Bearaids‘ not captured this video of her/his two golden retrievers. On the end of the spectrum we see a golden COMPLETELY LOSING HIS SHIT over the non-stop tennis balls flying across the screen. He simply cannot contain himself. This dog gets it: ball is life. The only thing that matters in the world is getting that tennis ball in his mouth and then shredding it to pieces.

On the opposite end of the spectrum we’ve got the other golden who literally could not give two shits that any of this is going on. He’s just staring at that TV like ‘bruh, you seeing this idiot?’ One of these dogs is a stereotypical golden retriever, the other is a smart dog. I’ll let you be the judge of which is which:


I mean, just look at this fool completely LOSING IT over a ball on TV…What does it say about me that I could watch this GIF forever?

Exhibit 10,000,000 of why dogs are better than cats.


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