HUGE Genitalia News! Doctors Warn Gonorrhea Could Become Incurable VERY Soon

by 1 year ago


For those keeping track, gonorrhea is by far the worst of the two most common ‘rrheas. And now, according to doctors in Sweden, diarrhea might never get its day in the sun. That is, unless some wild, shit-yourself-to-death disease hits America’s shores. For everyone’s sake, let’s hope that never happens.

Anyway, back to gonorrhea. According to Swedish doctors, the STD — which is currently curable — is growing more and more resilient to modern medicine. In fact, one strain of gonorrhea can only be cured by a certain antibiotic. Doctors are confident that over time, as the infection matures, these treatments are more likely to become ineffective. FUN!

According to Teen Vogue:

When you’re typically diagnosed with gonorrhea, a round of antibiotics can cure you and allow you to carry on with life like nothing ever happened. One reason researchers say the number of cases is increasing is because people don’t perceive it as serious. If gonorrhea goes undetected, though, it can have serious consequences like infertility, long-term pain and formation of scar tissue, and since gonorrhea sometimes doesn’t have any symptoms it can go undetected without frequent testing.

So why are so many people getting gonorrhea? Well, that answer is kind of weird… Researchers say that although people are getting tested more often, they’re not always using condoms. That logic is hilariously flawed, but you must not forget that the vast majority of the population consists of fucking idiots. So I’m not at all surprised people are so paranoid about getting an STD that they get tested all the time, but not paranoid enough to practice safe sex.


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