There’s A Reason Why It Seems Like Most Good Looking People Are Jerks And It’s Kinda Your Fault

“She’s hot but she’s such a bitch.”
“He’s good looking but such a dickhead.”

You’ve probably said that about tons of people in your life. You might have been right, but, you’re partially to blame. You and math.

The reason you’re slightly at fault is explained in this video from ASAPScience. Basically, it all comes down to the people you subconsciously deem “worthy” of your attention.

Let’s use dating as an example. See, the world is filled with many different people but they fall in one of four categories — hot and nice, hot and mean, ugly and nice and ugly and mean. You ignore the ugly and mean people from the jump which then creates three categories. You don’t pay much attention to the ugly and nice people but you’re nice to them because they’re nice to you.

That leaves us with hot and nice and hot and mean. The video explains how the hot and mean people tend to stand out because you’re only paying attention to them based on attractiveness. If they were ugly you would have ignored them a paragraph ago. The hot and nice people are usually “taken” so you’re really only dealing with hot and mean people.

And that explains why Tinder is full of jerks and bitches. You only pay attention to the jerks and bitches. The end.

[via LifeHacker]

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